@colorwowuk “My hair is definitely soft, sleek and shiny so let’s try the water. Improvising… that just rolled straight onto my leg 😳” - @amy 💗 We love seeing you put our Dream Coat to the test so make sure to tag us! ✨ #dreamcoat #waterproofhair #waterproofhairchallenge #chrisappleton #smoothhair #frizzyhair #hairhack #hairtok ♬ original sound - Color Wow UK

Reason 1:

The Waterproof Hair Challenge

Chris Appleton + Dream Coat = A match made in hair heaven. He showed us all the power of Dream Coat using water droplets, and ever since then it's been a downpour of water drops on TikTok! #waterproofhairchallenge

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@colorwowuk This product went VIRAL and we sold out but it’s FINALLY BACK IN STOCK!Say goodbye to flat hair 👋 #tiktokmademebuyit #volumehairhacks #flathair ♬ original sound - Color Wow UK

Reason 2:

Flat Roots Are A Thing of the Past

Are flat roots getting you down? Raise The Root Lift Spray has helped thousands of TikTokers get incredible lift in just 30 seconds.

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@colorwowuk Quick and easy trick for frizzy hair. Our One Minute Transformation is a must-have for this summer ☀️ #frizzyhair #frizzfree #colorwow #colorwowhair #baddies #hairhacks #hairtipsandtricks #hair #wowtok ♬ original sound - Color Wow UK

Reason 3:

Frizz Is Gone In 60 Seconds

One Minute Transformation is an instant on-the-spot frizz fix that can be used in the time it takes you to watch 2 TikTok videos. It really is that good!

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@colorwowuk “You NEED these products in your life! Products: Xtra Large + Pop&Lock serum by Color Wow.” ❤️ @lucycrookk_19 #volume #volumehair #volumehairhacks #flathair #limphair ♬ original sound - Color Wow UK

Reason 4:

We've Turned The Volume Up

Sound on for this one! Volume doesn't have to mean stiff, sticky or dry hair. Our Xtra Large Bombshell Volumiser gives massive, long-lasting lift without the salt, alcohol and drying resins that are typically used to create volume.

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@colorwowuk @lauren.amarauk showing @Charlotte Dawson how to “get rid of those roots!” Our Root Cover Up powder comes in 8 different shades, so whether you’re covering roots, hiding greys or faking highlights, we’ve got you covered! #charlottedawson #beautybazaar #rootcoverup #roots #hairtok #colouredhair #hairhack ♬ original sound - Color Wow UK

Reason 5:

You've Uncovered Root Cover Up

This reflective mineral powder helps you to covers greys, touch up highlights and fill in sparse areas, and one compact will last you 6 months to 1 year! That's why #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt

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